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Rep. John Galloway: Senate advances Galloway bill to protect jobs, taxpayers' money. - (9/29/2010)

Rep. John Galloway: Senate advances Galloway bill to protect jobs, taxpayers' money.

Text of Sept. 28 press release.

HARRISBURG, Sept. 28 – State Rep. John Galloway's H.B. 1502 that would crackdown on corporations with state construction contracts who knowingly hire illegal workers instead of Pennsylvania workers was voted out of the state Senate State Government Committee and is now poised for final passage in the Senate.

"This bill will result in more jobs for Pennsylvania workers during a time of economic crisis," said Galloway, D-Bucks. "House Bill 1502 would ensure that taxpayer dollars being spent to create jobs in Pennsylvania are creating jobs for Pennsylvanians, not people who are here illegally."

The bill would require the use of the Social Security Number Verification Service to verify existing employees, and the E-Verify Program for newly hired employees. Contractors who violate these rules could be barred from state projects.

"With the unemployment rate in the construction trade over 35 percent, and an estimated 35,000 illegal construction workers in Pennsylvania, we must act swiftly to end this practice, and punish unethical contractors who cheat the system and push Pennsylvanians from the payrolls onto the unemployment rolls," Galloway said.

Fourteen states and the federal government use some form of E-Verify. In Pennsylvania, over 2,000 employers are voluntarily using E-Verify at more than 16,000 work sites. The E-Verify program is managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

House Bill 1502 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in the House in June.


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