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Project Labor Agreements - (1/25/2011)

MYTH:   The a.b.c says Project Labor Agreements limit competition

FACT:   Project Labor Agreements are open to all contractors

MYTH:   The ABC says Project Labor Agreements increase cost

FACT:   Contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder

MYTH:   The ABC says that Project Labor Agreements discriminate against non-union contractors

FACT:   Non-union contractors have successfully bid projects with Project Labor  Agreements

Don't be fooled by the Associated Builders and Contractors Assoc.

PLA's guarantee: PA workers on PA taxpayer funded projects

PLA's eliminate undocumented workers on state funded projects

PLA's guarantee projects are done on time and on budget

PLA's guarantee minority and WMB participation

PLA's guarantee health care benefits

PLA's guarantee local workers on local projects


Additional Facts and Figures
Section 8(a) 3(b) (2) of the national labor relations act prohibits employers and unions from discriminating against employees based on their membership or non-membership in labor organizations
Project Labor Agreements mean:

  • Better trained workers
  • Jobs done right the first time, which is more cost effective.
  • A safer work environment which reduces lost time due to injury
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced property damage
  • Drug free work environment
  • Criminal background checks

Project Labor Agreements guarantee:

A qualified local workforce, a reliable supply of talented and skilled local workers for the duration of the project.
If you have any questions or would like to review a sample project labor agreement please call:
Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades Council @ 717-233-5726.

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