The Pennsylvania State Building & Construction Trades Council is made of three types of organizations:

  • Local Building Trades Councils 
    • The Local Building Trades Councils cover specific regions within the State of Pennsylvania.  The local unions that work in those regions make up the workforce and leadership of the Local Building Trades Councils.
  • Local Unions 
    • The local unions are grassroots face of the building trades.  These are the members that execute the work being done throughout the state.  Our local union membership is over 75,000 members across the state working in the construction trades.
  • District Councils & State Associations 
    • Within each trade, all the locals unions from that trade belong to District Councils and State Associations.  These organizations focus on the unique needs of each craft so that it can performed at the highest level of quality and safety.

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The PA Building & Construction Trades State and Local Councils, Local Unions, District Councils, and State Associations work directly with our contractor associations and contractors to support development in the Commonwealth.  Together management and labor in the unionized construction industry makes up over 150,000 local citizens.  CLICK HERE for a list of contractor associations working in Pennsylvania.